A Sample Game

This game was played on the No Name Go Server. The players are identified by thier user names on the server, Three (Marci) and Sinprejic (me). I win the game by quite a large margin, but only because Three fell victim to a couple of nasty traps I laid, and missed an oportunity to cut off a very important group of stones. Her play was otherwise very good, and possibly more strategically sound than mine.

The comments I have added indicate what I think is going on in the game, but more advanced players will likely see things differently. Be sure you scroll down far enough to see the comments! All of your comments are very welcome.

Comments in this game are by me when I was 13-15k

Over the years I have learned much and see many flaws in my comments, but I have chosen to leave the game as it is for 2 reasons: 1. This game is not supposed to demonstrate perfect technique, but rather to introduce a novice to some of the things to think about. 2. I remember in my mid-high teen kyu's I would often find the (highly accurate) comments of strong players difficult to comprehend. In this game I speak at a 13-15kyu level and only by not editing it can I ensure that the comentary will remain at that level. I do intend to provide this in SGF in the future and perhaps provide a second copy with updated comments sometime after that.

The applet I am using here is the Good Shape game viewer, written and provided free of charge to the public by Hiroki Mori. The applet is loaded from his site and thus I have no control over it's appearance, or any weird behavior it may exhibit on your computer. It works great under Netscape 4.51 for Linux. Thanks Hiroki!

White: Three
Black : Sinprejic
komi: 3.5

>  advances 1 stone
<  removes 1 stone
>>  advances 10 stones
<<  removes 10 stones
>>|  advances to the end
|<  returns to the start